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In the Studio



Sharon Dudgeon

Hello, I’m Sharon Dudgeon, the General Manager of WAUS. Music has always been an important part of my life. Trained as a saxophonist, I hold an M.Mus., and I started my professional life as a junior high band director.

My whole family is musical, and growing up my siblings and I enjoyed experimenting with music together. I remember taking road trips as a family where my brother and sister would join me in singing songs in strange ways (unison, except that we would all be, say, a half-step apart, creating a really horrible tone cluster effect) until we drove our parents crazy. We would also play at being on the radio, although I’m the only one who has actually lived out that fantasy as an adult. Other activities that I enjoy include antiquing, reading, and travel.



Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith --Hey there! I am the Michiana Classics Midday Host and Technical Director.

I started in radio here at WAUS back in 1989 as a student announcer and now I am back! I haven't lost the "radio bug".

In addition to being a radio fanatic, I am also an ordained minister, singer & guitar player who loves to spend time in the recording studio. My hobbies include building light sabers (Yes, really!),arcade machines, all things computer techy, and anything to do with guitars.






Sarah Chaffee​ here. I have been an avid WAUS listener since I discovered it upon moving to Michiana in 2005. I ​have the privilege of​ being out and about in the communities across our listening area, forming partnerships and friendships with our ​underwriters. It is a pleasure to be able to offer a stellar product to area businesses - that of underwriting, or, sponsoring, ​quality public radio programming. I ​enjoy playing the piano, singing, meeting new people, spending time with family, camping and travel, and being outside as much as possible!





Teddy Weithers

Hi, I'm Teddy Weithers Marketing Director and Michiana Mornings host. My parents listened to WAUS when they were students here at Andrews University back in the late seventies.  I was a youngster and my father had a big collection of Classical Music Albums.  Here I am some thirty years later working at the station they continue to listen to on-line in Florida.  I have many years experience working as a lab technician in a hospital.  I always wanted to work in broadcasting and received my BA in TV and Radio Broadcasting from Brooklyn College in New York City.   I moved my family to the Michiana area five years ago from NYC and I don’t miss the city at all. OK, maybe the pizza joints and bodegas.  I enjoy working out in my yard, hanging out with my family and friends, swimming, basketball and the martial arts (Aikido) and meeting WAUS members and listeners.



Chelsea Lake

Music Director and afternoon hostess.

Student Support

WAUS trains students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds to work in radio broadcasting. We currently have seven student announcers and three students who work with our Music library and software. WAUS would be at a great loss were it not for our student support. We are very proud of each of them for their dedication and hard work.