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Underwriting on WAUS 90.7fm

What is it?

Underwriting on a public radio station is an acknowledgment of a business that gives WAUS a donation. In 50 words or less WAUS tells the who, what, when, where and why of the business. The WAUS listener hears a simple promotion about that business.

Why Do it?

When you partner with WAUS, you build name recognition with a very desirable audience. Research indicates that public radio listeners feel good about businesses that underwrite and are more likely to patronize them. You can have an active part in providing the Michiana region with quality classical music and in-depth news programming. Our listeners care about the community, and by supporting WAUS you demonstrate in a very visible way that you support their community and programs that enhance its quality of life. When you underwrite with WAUS, you invest in the future of the broadcasting industry. WAUS trains students to become professional broadcasters, and your underwriting helps make it possible for us to continue to do this. Also, you can take a tax deduction for your underwriting investment.

Who is listening

According to Arbitron (Spring 2017), WAUS attracts 33,100 listeners weekly, which fall into a prime demographic group. The average listener is in the 35+ age bracket, is a professional with high earning potential and more disposable income than average, is well educated, a business leader, and is active in the community Map of Listening Area.


For the cost of one or two print ads, you can have your name on WAUS for a whole year. Underwriting rates compare very favorably with advertising rates on other broadcasting outlets. Off air benefits include a listing on WAUS' web page with a link to your web site and an opportunity to have a display at the annual WAUS open house. Contact our Underwriting Director today to start the easy process of underwriting on WAUS 616-299-4073.